JUST £5 PER SESSION – including glow sticks
(£1.50 with your existing Class Pass card)

CALL CARLY 07712 538492 to find out when our next session is!

The ‘all lights off’, super charged, super GLOW, neon, UV, high energy and SUPER FUN workout to BLAST body fat, get your heart pumping and smash through 200-600 calories a session!

Back-2-Basic aerobic moves, a glow stick in each hand and banging beats from the 90’s and 00’s to get your adrenaline going, singing along most definitely encouraged PLUS we throw in some cool partnered ‘hands in the air, touch the lasers’ moments to take you back to those good old raving days!

If you weren’t around in the 90’s or 00’s we have the latest banging beats also, so you’ll be feeling the power of the music and leaping around just like you were an acid smily, white gloved, whistle blasting Prodigy loving old skool raver!

What we’re basically saying is this workout is for EVERYONE! And that means the GUYS too!